White water Rafting – Safety Tips Before You Go

Whether you are going for a vacation or just getting out of the house just to cool off, going on a whitewater rafting adventure is one fun way and energizing outdoor activity, not to mention a great way for you to enjoy the outdoors. It doesn’t matter what experience level or abilities you’ve got. Whitewater rafting is obviously for people that are loving the adrenaline rush it brings. This is not only for hardcore mountain people. This is a famous sport that has become mainstream.

But before you make your way to the venue and get into your one and only whitewater rafting experience, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind, especially when they are mostly safety tips to ensure you no injury will happen during your adventure.

Pick a professional and licensed rafting outfitter.

When you are out searching for an outfitter, make sure you ask questions. Try to check out how long they have been in business, especially with the current ownership. Ask what kind of training that their guides have been through and which government entity is regulating their outfitters’ training practices and permit. This will give you a good idea of what kind of outfitter you are working with. The outfitter you pick for your adventure will help ensure that they are following the rules.

Wear the Personal Floating Device or life jacket.

Having the life jacket worn will make you feel safer, but it doesn’t mean that way. You must wear it properly. All its buckles are clipped. The jacket must be snuggled to fit your body – like it is embracing you safely. The main trick here is to have your jacket fitted so that the wearer can breathe yet it should not be pulled up easily over the head. Always let the professional guide fit the jacket for you. This ensures that the jacket is a perfect fit.

Wear your protective gear.

It is better that you are safe which is by wearing your helmet. It doesn’t matter what rafting level you are going to participate in.

Ensure that you are wearing the right outerwear for your rafting day.

If you are going rafting during early Spring, you might want to wear something that will warm you as it can be a little bit chilly. This means you wear a splash jacket over a wetsuit and then the proper river shoes so that it will make the trip even more comfortable. This will allow you to enjoy your ride without getting chilly. You will find some outfitters rent such fear. If you have a reputable outfitter, they will have this gear ready for you. You can find out more by inquiring from your outfitter so that you will have an idea whether you have to prepare the gear for yourself or get it from your outfitter.

If you are going for the sunny days, then go for a quick drying clothes such as the polypro and wear sunscreen on your whole body to avoid getting sunburned. Also, make sure you wear of sunglasses that protects your eyes from the harmful UV rays. Some outfitters also have this prepared for their clients. Try to inquire with your outfitter if they have these prepared for you.

Hold your paddle properly.

This is a huge safety concern among outfitters. They will show you how to hold them properly, but make sure that one hand is at the base of shaft’s paddle, while the other must always be at the end of the shaft, which is right at the “T” grip.